Inspired by Richard Wagners proposed Gesamtkunstwerk (total arts), later realized in his Opera Epic Der ring des Nibelungen, the QA Ring project opens the art planning to the imagination. Just as the gods were a metaphor fro humanity, technology is a reflection of its human origins. In combination with the arts, it highlights and refines the warmth and tenderness of mankind. As an international interdisciplinary project featuring digital performance art, the QA Ring of Taiwan opens up an arena for important discussion and global collaboration.
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The 5-Minute Rule for How to End an Essay

The 5-Minute https://samedayessay.com/essay_help Rule for How to End an Essay Whatever the contrasting perspectives, the …

四月 25 , 2018
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Huang Yi & KUKA / Huang Yi
Unbreakable ‧ City / Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company
Code: Cytus / Divertimento Media
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Events /
Online Sessions / Live stream.
The QA ring features an arrangement of international consultants and mentors for each project to establish an international exchange module: Online Sessions, Workshops, and International Live Performance. The process is documented through video and text in order to share our experiences, reach more artists and expand the platform to an even larger scale with stable foundations.
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Collection of Taiwanese Digital Performing Art
The QA Ring website, as a cloud platform, presents and shares Taiwanese digital performing arts works to the world.

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