QA Ring
Inspired by Richard Wagners proposed Gesamtkunstwerk (total arts), later realized in his Opera Epic Der ring des Nibelungen, the QA Ring project opens the art planning to the imagination. Just as the gods were a metaphor fro humanity, technology is a reflection of its human origins. In combination with the arts, it highlights and refines the warmth and tenderness of mankind. As an international interdisciplinary project featuring digital performance art, the QA Ring of Taiwan opens up an arena for important discussion and global collaboration.
Serving as a bridge connecting technology and the arts, the Quanta Art Foundation identifies the need for the diverse affiliation of Taiwanese Digital Performing Arts suggesting the initiative of an integrated QA Ring to serve as a discussion platform for international exchange and collaboration. The QA Ring would aim to build a well-structured, sustainable module to support Taiwanese artists internationally, and present Taiwanese Digital Performing Arts to the world.

The QA Ring project is organized by the Quanta Arts Foundation and Arts Electronica, also collaborating with Very Mainstream Studio(2014), 3 Legged Dogs (3LD, New York), Culture Yard (Denmark), and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music's International Music Week (EMW, Shanghai) International Electronic Music Week, as well as various advisors and mentors.

The QA ring features an arrangement of international consultants and mentors for each project to establish an international exchange module: Online Sessions, Workshops, and International Live Performance. The process is documented through video and text in order to share our experiences, reach more artists and expand the platform to an even larger scale with stable foundations.

After the works 《Huang Yi & KUKA》 by Huang Yi Studios, 《Code: Cytus》 by Divertimento.Media, and 《Unbreakable City》 by the Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company, two additional works have been selected for 《Anarchy @ Ars Eletronica Center Project》 by Anarchy Dance Theatre , and 《Solo Date》, a solo dance by Tsai Pao-Chang (Tainaner Ensemble). These works coordinate with the QA Ring exchange program in a continuing series of activities, including online discussion and instruction, and international performances. In contrast with the 2014 International Symposium on Digital Performing Arts, plans for this year are for interchanges on an even deeper level, bringing artistic creators onto the international stage through interactive open studio workshops and exhibitions documenting the creative process, thereby putting Taiwan’s digital performing arts into global prominence.
Quanta Arts Foundation

In 2010, the chairman of Quanta Computer, Mr. Barry Lam, assembled a group of prominent cultural gurus to become the board members of QAF. It was marked the beginning of QAF, which focuses on promoting performing arts and embodying "trans-art concepts."

  QAF intends to create a Renaissance in the Chinese society of a new era through a series of "trans-art" concepts, including encouraging and promoting creativity, technology and performing arts, and cross-strait cultural exchanges.

+ Encouraging and Promoting Creativity
QAF believes that creation is the source of all values, including technology and art.

QAF has established an incentive policy for the commissioned projects. Each year, outstanding art proposals are chosen and funded. The funding helps new generation of artists realize their creative visions. Furthermore, the foundation also assists in the promotion of superb artworks. Since 2010, QAF started producing its own programs. The original artistic concepts, assembly of creative personnel, technical coordination, and final performances are all planned by the foundation.
+ Technology and Performing Arts
By fulfilling the role of a technology provider, QAF has led the field of tech art since its founding in 2010 by hosting the Quanta Tech Art & Performance Festival. It is the first official tech art festival to be held in Taiwan, and its Technology Art Laboratory was also the first art workshop targeting engineers, which opened a dialogue between art and technology.

Furthermore, in 2011, QAF began to take part in the Ministry of Culture's Tech Art and Performance Flagship Program, resulting in the annual hosting of the Digital Performance Festival. At the same time, the foundation supports the Digital Art Performance Award, an event organized by Taipei's Digital Art Center, which provides young artists with a platform for communication and exchange in the field of tech art.
+ Cross-strait Cultural Exchanges
Under the conduct of the Ministry of Culture, QAF constructed Bravo Net, an Internet web platform for sharing information on culture and art, technical facilities of venues, and relevant policies of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, to help foster a mutual understanding between the performing troupes across the Strait. To provide front-line services, the foundation even established its first office in Beijing in 2012 to expand its scope in the facilitation of various exchanges.

In 2012, QAF is promoting its first Cross-strait Youth Theater Festival. In the future, cross-strait performing arts festivals of various scales will be held to expand the scope of exchange and assist talented young artists to transcend borders and disciplines.

The Rainbow Initiative, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.

Since 2013, the Ministry of Culture has implemented the Rainbow Initiatives providing up to 10 million NTD in funding for the international or interdisciplinary creation, organization, research, preservation, promotion, talents and technical interchange or cultivation in the areas of humanity, arts, heritage, community-building, crafts, anime comics, films, televisions, and music. The project is designed to strengthen inter-cultural dialogues and regional networks, and promote the cultures of Taiwan internationally.

Surmounting previous programs that mostly subsidize individual artists or groups, the Rainbow Initiatives supports international and interdisciplinary collaborations between Taiwanese arts groups and international-professional arts organizations, aiming to encourage the collaborations of inter-cultural organizations. With participation from multiple organizations of different nations, the project shall include international collaboration, from creative ideas, discussions, exchanges of the know-hows, executions, to the final presentation. Through the fore mentioned process, the program enhances the overall resources of various international organizations, builds up the sustainable international networks, and bridges the distance between Taiwan and the world.

Ars Electronica , Linz
Since 1979, Ars Electronica has sought out interlinkages and congruities, causes and effects. The ideas circulating here are innovative, radical, eccentric in the best sense of that term. They influence our everyday life—our lifestyle, our way of life, every single day. Ars Electronica pursues a course that goes beyond purely technical and industrial interest, one whose essence is a holistic consideration of art, technology and society. Attention is focused less on the technology itself than on the social and cultural phenomena it engenders.

The Festival as proving ground, the Prix as competition honoring excellence, the Center as a year-'round setting for presentation & interaction, and the Futurelab as in-house R&D facility extend their feelers throughout the realms of science and research, art and technology. Ars Electronica's four divisions inspire one another and put futuristic visions to the test in a unique, creative feedback loop. It's an integrated organism continuously reinventing itself.

The Culture Yard , Elsinore
THE CULTURE YARD Is Elsinore Harbor's grand old shipyard turned into a vital modern culture house. Situated next to Kronborg Castle (Hamlet) it is an important part of the great story of identity, art and innovation, interpreted into over 500 annual cultural events as well as the festival for new media and contemporary art – CLICK. The house opened to the public in 2010 and includes 3 stages, a main library, exhibition spaces, meeting and workshop facilities, a museum and a restaurant. The 45 employees both run the activities at the Culture Yard and the older culture house Toldkammeret ('the customs office') also situated at the harbor.

Since 2013 a huge old industrial area behind the Culture Yard has been used for the CLICK Festival and other cultural events. By embracing the future cutting edge works of artists within the field of new media the CLICK Festival curates and produces performing arts, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and talks. Together with the MS Maritime Museum created by BIG architects in 2013 and Kronborg Castle the Culture Yard is a vital partner in the newly opened Culture Harbor Kronborg and on New York Times list of 52 most important cultural places to go.

3-Legged Dog , New York
exists to produce new, original works in theater, performance, media and hybrid forms. Working out of a strong literary tradition, our mission is to explore the new narrative possibilities created by digital technology, and to provide an environment for our artists to create new tools and modes of expression so that they can excel across a range of disciplines.

Opened by the company in 2006, 3LD Art & Technology Center is a community-oriented and artist-run production development studio. At our 12,500 square foot multi-venue facility on lower Greenwich Street, two and half blocks below the WTC site we offer artists a unique experience with specialized equipment, flexible space and expert knowledge, as well as the desperately needed time to fully realize their visions. From this home base, we produce our own large-scale artwork while offering space, state-of-the-art equipment, and training to artists-in-residence for the development of their ambitious and experimental projects.

EMW , Shanghai - The Shanghai Conservatory of Music's International Electronic Music Week
The Shanghai Conservatory of Music's International Electronic Music Week (hereinafter referred to as EMW) was established in 2006.It was hosted by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and organized by the Music Engineering Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. EMW is aimed to create an international, cutting-edge stage in the field of electronic music and to showcase the newest compositions, sound installations, and research developments in electronic music from around the world.It also aims to provide a platform for the premiere and release of electronic music compositions by the world's new generation of composers.


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