Collection of Taiwanese Digital Performing Art
The QA Ring website, as a cloud platform, presents and shares Taiwanese digital performing arts works to the world.

Very Theatre

Scenes of our daily life are woven into a poem of images live on stage through the eyes of smartphones and tablets. To u …  

Combining experimental noises and electronic music, the show intends to scour and traverse the gray regions between rati …  
Creative Dance Theater

Four different true stories are selected through a call for submissions. Four inspiring dances portray heartfelt things …  
The Möbius Strip Theatre

Premiered in 2014  Wellspring Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan Directed by Möbius Strip Theatre’s artistic director Alex Cheung, …  
Contemporary Legend Theatre (CLT)

Adapted from Franz Kafka – Metamorphosis One morning, Gregor wakes up to discover that he has transformed into a b …  


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