Collection of Taiwanese Digital Performing Art
The QA Ring website, as a cloud platform, presents and shares Taiwanese digital performing arts works to the world.

Liao Mo-hsi Dance & Theater

History, architecture, streets, smell and temperature of each city interact with people’s emotions and memories of …  
Liao Mo-hsi Dance & Theater

This choreographic work is inspired by a Taiwanese writer Yang Kui’s wife, Ye Tao. She broke up traditional bounda …  
The Möbius Strip Theatre

Combining the artistic talents of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Portugal, Germany and France, The Lives of P is a veritab …  
Jun-Jieh Wang & LuxuryLogico

SIN CITY is an all new technological media transdisciplinary creative project. Over two years in the planning and bringi …  
Liao Mo-hsi Dance Theater

This work used “Holographic Projection” to make the dancer to dance with “her-selves”. A solo female dancer walked on th …  


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