Étude Showcase 12th Nov 2016
November 12, 2016



Creating Medicine for the Soul through Art and Technology
Through this project, we will bring back their colorful youth and future through the expression of music, art, and technology. The patients will write their own melodies, and explore their inner artists in the process of rehabilitation. Hopefully the process will change the way rehabilitation feels for them. Since all of them are just starting to figure out their future, the rehabilitation process may be very painful emotionally. The addition of the music and creativity content in their rehabilitation can bring a more positive atmosphere to them. Hopefully this project will build them a more colorful runway towards the future. Also, the whole process will be recorded so it can be repeated for the society.
Combination of Art and Technology: Showcase Design
The project showcase will be a combination of music and digital technology, allowing an audial and visual experience. The exhibition will act as a platform that documents how these music therapy sessions changed their way of rehabilitation. With music, the goal is to show a happier rehab process and possibly lessen the pain for patients. This will show the audiences that this new process, rehabilitation with music, works. The data collected, heart rate, blood pressure, and brain waves, will be transcribed with technology and projected visually. Music will become a stimulus to happiness for these burn patients.
Also, as a reminder to the society, not pertaining to Taiwan, but internationally, the importance of public safety cannot be taken lightly.

Exhibition Showcase: 12th Nov 2016 19:00
Exhibition Location: CITYLINK Songshan Branch, 3F Auditorium


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