Online Sessions / Live stream.
The online tutoring and consulting sessions will be broadcasted on the QA Ring website soon; to reveal and share the production process of each project cooperated by artists, international consultants and mentors.

The QA ring features an arrangement of international consultants and mentors for each project to establish an international exchange module: Online Sessions, Workshops, and International Live Performance. The process is documented through video and text in order to share our experiences, reach more artists and expand the platform to an even larger scale with stable foundations.

In rehearsal I

Chieh-hua Jeff ,Hsieh , Ultra Combos
Online Session II

Justine Beaujouan , Kevin Cunningham , Chieh-hua Jeff ,Hsieh , Ultra Combos
QA Ring July Events

Justine Beaujouan , Kevin Cunningham , Chen Qiang-Bin , Kitty Douglas- Hamilton , Chieh-hua Jeff ,Hsieh
Online Session I

Mikael Fock , Kevin Cunningham , Joe Polifroni , Tsai, Pao-chang , Ko, Blaire
Online Session I

Justine Beaujouan , Kevin Cunningham , Chieh-hua Jeff ,Hsieh
《Code: Cytus》After Show Discussion

Mikael Fock , Chen Qian-bin , Divertimento Media
《Unbreakable.City》After Show Discussion

Martin Honzik , Mikael Fock , Kevin Cunningham , Carl Emil Carlsen , Luo Wen-jinn
In rehearsal II

Luo Wen-jinn , Wang Lien-chen , Carl Emil Carlsen
In rehearsal I

Divertimento Media
In rehearsal I

Luo Wen-jinn , Wang Lien-chen


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