Moonwalk with the Monk

Premiered in 2014  Wellspring Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

Directed by Möbius Strip Theatre’s artistic director Alex Cheung, Moonwalk with the Monk features as its aesthetic core the elegant paintings of Zen painting master Li Hsiao-kun, whose humorous little monks lead the audience into the philosophical world of Zen. In addition, the production team features an international team of artists, including Taiwanese cloth master Cheng Huei-chung and designer Jeffy Hsieh, the emerging multimedia artist Lin Shu-yu, the stage designer Jay Cheng, as well as the Malaysian theatre and film image creator Au Sow-yee, the Hong Kong film and theatre lighting designer Gabriel Fung, and the Hong Kong musician Chan Wai-fat.

The work takes as its inspiration Zen koan, or stories for meditation. Under guidance from the cultural scholar Lin Gu-fang, who has practiced Zen for many years, the creators of this work find modern correspondences with the koan through play: is what we see a mere mirage, or are we unable to see what is real because we are in a daze? How do we escape this infinite loop? How do we see how we really are? These are the issues the creators seek to address.

Moonwalk with the Monk is the story of travel, a fantastical tour group to the moon with its members drawn from a wide cross section of modern society: an office worker, a socialite, a scholar, an ascetic, and an artist, all of whom are scheming to find the secret to eternal life on the moon. On the barren surface of the moon, there seems to be some air and some craters, some flowers which never wither, and the Jade Rabbit of Chinese folklore jumping about. What other secrets does the moon hold? What will these travelers from Earth take home with them? Let us find out together on their moonwalk!


Consultant of Zen koan|Gu-fang Lin Painting|Hsiao-kun Li Director|Alex Cheung
Playwrite|Alex Cheung, Faye Leong and collective work with actors
Actor|Faye Leong, Tsz-Kin Lee, Zara Huang, Po-Ting Chen, Tom Chou, Sunteck Yao, I-chin Lin
Drum walker|Thomas Wu, Jamie Wu, Ming-Wei Lee, Yan-Xi Chen Jason Chen, Li-Chuan Yu, Cindy Cheung
Video|Sow-Yee Au @ OFFMAN Interactive installation|Shu-Yu Lin@ OFFMAN
Cloth consultant|Huei-Chun Cheng Costume design|Jeffy Cheah
Drum composition|Tsz-Kin Lee
Musical instrument maker and live musician|Wai-fat Chan
Lighting design and live musician|Kwok-Kee Fung Gabriel
Stage design|Shih-chieh Cheng Stage Manager|Min-Tzu Liao

Möbius Strip Theatre
One piece of thin, long paper strip, twisted and connected, shifting from surface to space, from limited to limitless, Möbius strip symbolizes the integration of powers from past and present, unifying the sacred and the profane. Once integrated, it becomes limitless—without limits and boundaries.
The Möbius Strip Theatre (MST) was founded in 2005, corresponding to the idea of the circular, never-ending “strip”, MST consists of artists from various countries and cultures (including Taiwan, H.K. and Malaysia). Based in Taiwan, MST insists on providing a creative platform for the potential of integrating various fields that might at first seem to be essentially different from one another. Our task lies in:
TRADITION & PRESENT —finding wisdom / THOUGHT & LIVING —exemplifying art
CULTURE & NATURE —connecting emotion / MIND & EDUCATION —spreading hope
The persuit of artistic traditions and of the developments in contemporary theatre are both present in our works. They demonstrate a new appraoch to combining drama, physical movement, spiritual reflections and use of multi-media in theatre. MST returns to the essence of theatre: a mixture of its sacredness, as well as its play. The works reflect upon life, while defining a new kind of lively relationship between space and performance, between performer and audience.

Artistic Director │ Alex Cheung, Faye Leong

Company Manager │ Cordelia Yang

Address:No.435, Zhongzheng Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 22052, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel:+886-2-29601410   Fax:+886-2-29601417



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