Four different true stories are selected through a call for submissions. Four inspiring dances portray heartfelt things in stories attempting a film style in contents with the help of a combination of images, shadows, sound device, and interactive multimedia.

The contents of the stories may be familiarities of why we used to be. As the bodies begin to tell our stories, their combination intertwines more deeply heartfelt.

Story 1. The shadow of tangled family ties <under one roof>

Story 2- Uncontrolled delusional world <Monologue>

Story 3- A tight hug from a discreet world <Shelf Life>

Story 4 – Monologue on a moonless night <ME>


《S.T.O.R.Y》was nominated in the 4th quarter nominees of 13th Taishin Arts Award 4th: 




Creative Dance Theater
The Company was founded in 2011 in New Taipei City. Before choreographer Tsui-Shuang Lai has created various forms of theatrical dance, performances, stage installations, video and media works. She was awarded with numerous prices. For example, the Taishin Arts Award in Taipei 2009, which has successfully demonstrated her accomplishments.
The Lai’s Creative Dance Theater consists of several permanent dancers and project wise collaborators coming from different fields like dance,a music/composition, costume as well as installation and visual arts.
Tsui-shuang Lai's work is characterized by strong social issues, with a deep connection between drama and movement language. It is also full of social irony. Her choreography becomes more than a beautiful arrangement of moving bodies on stage, pushing those boundaries of contemporary dance with every new work.
Influenced from Pina Bausch, Tsui-shang lai has developed her own vocabulary of dance and movement that searches consequently for new aesthetics and ways of expression, digging deeper in our consciousness and reality conflict.
Technical Rider


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