Teatime with Me, Myself and I

Scenes of our daily life are woven into a poem of images live on stage through the eyes of smartphones and tablets.

To use my mobile or to be used by my mobile, that is the question

A multimedia fantasy of items we hold close in our daily lives.

Our best friends are no other but the gadgets we carried in our hands everyday—not even in the pockets. They’re always there and they know us inside out. More than anyone else, you know you can count on them (when the batteries are charged, that is).

Winner of the Award for Interactive & New Media at WSD 2013 (Emptied Memories), Chou Tung-yen’s latest work, Teatime with Me, Myself and I, redefines the use of multimedia in theatre with smart gadgets that are familiar to us in everyday life. New media art can be so up close and personal, with a touch of warmth.

Smartphones and tablets will company us during the performance. These friends of ours will have a chat with us or a nice cup of tea. And present to us, live on stage, a poem of our lives through their eyes, woven by the images of our daily existence in the contemporary world.

Chou, Tung-Yen
Chou, Tung-Yen holds a MA in Scenography with distinction from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and a BFA in Theatre Directing from TNUA. He is the founder and director of Very Mainstream Studio, and now the lecturer in school of Theatre Arts, TNUA. Besides working on film & theatre pieces that are performed and screened internationally, he also dedicates to the realm of technology & performing arts.
Very Theatre
Funded by theatre and media artist Chou Tung-yen with the resource of it's partner company- Very Mainstream Studio. Very Theatre takes new media as core and focuses on creating interdisciplinary works with strong emphasis of narrative and text which strive to envision new ways of seeing and performance experience.
Its works including award winning piece "Emptied memories" and the latest work "Teatime with me, myself and I" premiered in Digital performing arts festival. Beside performance, Very Theatre also held the first solo exhibition of Tung yen "Lights flowing out of frame" at the Taipei Digital art center.




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