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dress rehearsal for the very first time
Online Session
Oct. 29, 2014

The artistic team of Code: Cytus is rehearsing in Jing-Mei Human Right Memorial and Cultural Park. Screens are set at both sides, revealing images of the storyline. The robot-shape holographic project echoes with live musicians . All ingredients of Multimedia X Video Game Live are ready to go, let’s see how A-chun and Dudu are going to present on the table. 

Challenge : it’s more than composition

A-chun, who had been involved in films and video game music, the composition might not be a problem for her. When it comes to integrating all various narratives such as music, video, performing(live musicians and dancers), lightings, into one context, it’s a big challenge to present the identical atmosphere to the audience as well as to make the audience have experiences of playing games. “How to communicate by different languages and how open we should be?" It’s the most challenging and interesting matters as far as A-chun is concerned.

The Mission of the tech-head

Dudu, who called herself as the tech-head, is responsible for programming, lighting strips, bottoms, and video connections. Her job is to achieve presenting the story content. Dudu also mention that beside from the video that has been shown today, there will be more user-interfaces to emerge the audience into the feelings of playing video games.



Artist & Mentor
Divertimento Media

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