Themes of the Creation
Artistic and Musical Expressions
Online Session
April 17th, 2014

Code: Cytus is the latest performance creation of Divertimento Media in 2014. It together combines multimedia, music, theatre, interactive installation, exhibitions, dance, and video games, allowing the audience viewers to have an extraordinary viewing experience. A new concept of performance is thus boldly named as: Multimedia X Video Game Live. Chen Qian-bin, founder and artistic director of Shanghai International Electronic Music Week, as the project mentor would contribute artistic and practical suggestions as Chen grants considerable creative and production experiences in music, technology, and in interdisciplinary works.

Creative Process –

The artists proposed the production schedule including the playwright. Chen, the mentor, responses that as music is the main element of the work, the earlier the composition, demo, and the context of the music are proposed. the better in terms of work construction.

To finalize the work –

The artists would like to present the work as a video game at the beginning, and to involve the audience to the meaning of the work by introducing the storyline. Chen suggests that, in the context of visualizing the acoustic and transforming the visual to acoustic, it’s essential to have a director, who should be the artist herself. This is to integrate all the elements shown in the work and in the way how they react to on and another. The artists also brought up issues concerning budgets, and Chen advises that the performance design should take the future performance in various venues into account.


Artist & Mentor
Chen Qian-bin
Project Mentor
Divertimento Media

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