Developing the Core Path –
Scenes/Spaces & Scenarios/Sensations
Online Session
july 19th, 2014

Divertimento Media, featuring the new concept of their production as Multimedia X Video Game Live, continues developing on their latest work Code: Cytus. This production cooperates with Taiwan’s well-known gameplay company, Rayark Inc. The story is based on the prototype story of the music game Cytus, elaborating issues of coexistence and collisions between human and technology. After the first online session in April, the artists have finished the story incorporating these issues. And the artists would like to invite the audience to sense these issues through the immersive live experiences.


Based on the idea of “Multimedia X Video Game Live”, the artists have the idea to transform the space of live performance into a videogame-like scenes. From the entrance, the exhibitions they are going to collaborate with other two artists: Huang Zan-lun and Chen Yun-ru, to the way they are conceiving to interact with the audience. It’s all about to create an immersive experience that may lead the audience to feel becoming as the robot.


Chen brings up that it’s essential to have the detailed and structured scenarios/script, along with the story background, the videogame materials, the live video and music, to form the unique language, or the vivid image, of the work. He explains that it’s necessary to transform the story into sensations, as the way for the audience to get into the story.

Artist & Mentor
Chen Qian-bin
Project Mentor
Divertimento Media

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