the Main Art Form & Melody/ Musical Phrase
Online Session
Aug 28, 2014

Music – the Main Art Form & Melody/ Musical Phrase

Divertimento Media, so far at the end of August, has developed clear plans both for live performance and exhibition. The stage, costume and interactive design has reached concrete demonstration. This online session focuses mainly on the music – the very essence of the piece. Discussions continued on musical structures, tones, as well as on various instruments used and each melodies related.

The Main Art Form

Chen brings his greatest concern for the music as it’s the core of how all other elements such as visual and interactivity relate to one and another. And it’s the magnet for the energy for live performances. The artists agree that visualising the music is the bottom line of the piece. They will direct the work according to tempos and motives of music.

Suggestions on Melody and Musical Phrases

Chen suggests that in the demo he has received, the melody is relatively traditional which is not really responding the idea of electronic music. At the moment the melody in general lacks beats and memorable pitch, it instead should be assembled by loops, pitches, and transitions. He also suggests the way to perform instruments on site, should be presented non-traditional. Through various ways of playing, he points out that there would be timbres made corresponding to electronic music.


Artist & Mentor
Chen Qian-bin
Project Mentor
Divertimento Media

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