Project mentor-Carl Emil's visit
working with the creative team in Taiwan
Online Session
Oct. 19, 2014

It’s one month before the premiere of Unbreakable ‧ City. Carl Emil Carlsen, project mentor of Unbreakable ‧ City had visited Tainan and had an intensive working progress with Lou wen-jinn, Wang Lien-cheng and dancers. It’s the first time that all of them experienced together the run-through from beginning to the end. Given the real-time work structure and served for assisting the artists, Carl Emil provides his perspectives as the third eye on work, which enables Wen-jinn to rethink the vital theme and meaning of the work. Carl Emil considers materials such as smart films, micro-camera on hand, containing the coherent sense of being futuristic. Video and these materials more developed are expected to be strong features of the work. 

Artist & Mentor
Luo Wen-jinn
Wang Lien-chen
Carl Emil Carlsen

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