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Sep 28,2014

Sep. 28th 2014, the Unbreakable.City is in rehearsal at the Soulangh cultural Park, Tainan.

From previous discussions up to date, the piece is gradually shaping and progressing. This is the first time the choreography, installation and video, are put together. The team starts rehearsing on the first and second chapters of the piece. Both artists, choreographer/performer Lou wen-jinn and new media designer Wang Lien-cheng (Shiapa), consider this is the moment that all works begin.

We have a problem, the installation is too heavy.

Wen jinn frankly points out after the installation was done, dancers have spent quality of time to adjust to the heaviness and weighing capacity of it.  The costume is as well a big issue since the smart film, which applied on installation, is tremendously fragile.  The bottom of dancers’ shoes are made of rubber for them to stand on metal bars of the installation.

The transmission between each chapter from one to another as well as the weight of installation will be challenges for the creative team in the future.

What’s coming next?

Given the rehearsal whilst all installation ready, Shiapa thinks the task coming next would be the collage of video and choreography. The sound, very likely, would have been revised considerably. Especially on the theme of “the dream" in the second chapter, it will be the very issue to be in-and-out the dream by applying various techniques and materials.


Artist & Mentor
Luo Wen-jinn
Wang Lien-chen

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