Structure of the piece
New Projection Calibrating
Online Session
June 24th, 2015

In this online tutoring session, Anarchy Dance Theatre shares the structure of the piece after their rehearsal at Performing Arts School 36. Ultra Combos Interactive also reports their new experiment on projection calibrating.

There are four major parts of the whole piece:

Part 1: Using hearing to sense the body.

Part 2: Building up the First Body. Through interaction, the small tiny balls that filled with the whole space would gradually accumulate each joint of the body.

Part 3: Showing the relationship between space and the body. There are three sessions in this part:

  • session 1: the body forms and builds up the city
  • session 2: the body changes the city. When the body moves, the roads of the city transforms to different patterns, and the patterns go up to the body gradually.
  • session 3: the city restricts and changes the way body move.

In session 1 and session 2, the image of the city is on the floor which body can dive into. In session 3, the image of the city is projected onto the body.

Part 4: Presenting the Second Body. There are three sessions in this part:

  • session 1: the body of urban city
  • session 2: the body of information
  • session 3: the muscles and blood of the body disappear, but the concept of the body would transfer to another way.

Ultra Combos Interactive also shares that they try a new way of projection calibrating. It’s like the way MadMapper is using, but they project the gray-code pattern on the model, to see the relationship between the projector and the model.

Artist & Mentor
Justine Beaujouan
Project Mentor
Kevin Cunningham
Chieh-hua Jeff ,Hsieh
Ultra Combos

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