[QA Ring: Etude Project] Online Discussion I:
Introduction about Etude About
Online Session
21st, April, 2016

[QA Ring: Etude Project] Online Discussion I: Introduction about Etude


In this meeting, we had an introduction with our international advisors. Then we presented them with some background information about our project; including our subjects, project direction, research equipment, and application designer. After the presentation, we received very useful feedback from our advisors and the project is moving forward.



1:30-2:05 Ali Hossaini

  • Numbers of projects on arts and electronics
  • consultant

2:15-3:00 Claudia Schnugg

  • Ars Electronica
  • Responsible for all residency projects and corporation projects with artists and scientists
  • Mentor processes and projects
  • Producing projects for festivals

3:45-4:25 Jonathan and Bella

  • In charge of experimental

PowerPoint: Project introduction


5:00” how it happened… “

  • -flammable powder at an outdoor party
  • -caught fire due to heat from lighting

-Young people going through rehab,

-both physical and mental


6:05- A negative Circle

-Emotional strain on young people

-Music can help them forget pain during rehabilitation

-Help them realize it’s not their fault

-Passive and active Music Therapy (7:38)

8:30 Introducing Aluan (designer):

  • -30 pieces of work by the age of 30, now at 29

-Combination of mathematics and music

-Interactive application that creates different types of music

-Design the application from an on-screen app to an interactive movement app

  • Fun during rehabilitation

11:40 Example of Aluan’s project

  • Compositional tool/scoring tool like an instrument
  • Could change parameters to adjust to personal likings (12:45)

-Sound has its own mathematics and logistics behind it,

-predictable by using regular shapes

-like triangles and squares (15:30)

-5 applications will be designed

-that will have interactive movements included

16:35 EPOC+ EEG/Brain wave device

  • -Electrodes will give individual brain wave signals
  • -from the device

-Changes depends on action and thinking

  • -Tested parameters on how the device should be used
  • want to have **Objective Data 19:20
  • -For us to get a grasp of data
  • -on how music affects their brain waves
  • Claudia could suggest a more usable instrument of testing without the need of a solution
  • Would not give you enough reliable information due to only 3 electrodes
  • Plan B 25:00
  • 5patients already agreed to do this project, ask them to come out, set up a location for them

27:00 Video team

  • We will make the recording during experiments
  • Ask video team if they are ready
  • Ask the producer to manage it
  • Give aluan any data or 3d images

27:50 Exhibition Party

-Manage presentation as an exhibition

-change the exhibition to a party.

-The young people got hurt at the party,

-they may have some guilt.

-It’s fine to have fun as you are young.

-I’m going to have a party in November.

-In the party, there will be some music from the patients,

-images from their brain waves,

-graphics from aluan’s applications.


33:23 Few goals for this project

-First year will be the party

-Second year, Aluan hopes this project

-can be a real performing art

-Open source for public,

-for people to download freely

-and for anyone who needs to exercise and rehab

37:40 Feedback from Ali Hossaini

-number of parameters can be set,

-different key, different pitch ranges, different genres

-most important thing is to find out

-what his concept is, how collaborative he wants to be

-what the work relationship should be like internet of thing,

-touch resolution and accuration of EEG,

-how to interpret the data

-how objective, resources to technology

-how to change app to composing tool

Artist & Mentor
Bella Lee
Jonathan Wu
Derjk Wu
Ali Hossaini

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