Script development and Image design
Online Session
April 27th, 2015

Tsai Pao-chang has already finished the script’s prologue and the first chapter before the second online Hangout session. Discussion of this session targets on the finished parts of the script, focusing on stage design, new media use, the development of AI language system and other aspects. Kevin Cunningham, international consultant, proposed several new media materials for future design references and Joe Polifroni, project mentor, offered more reflections on AI language system.

Stage design and new media use of “Solo Date”

During Tsai Pao-chang’s stay in Paris, other than progressing with the script of “Solo Date,” daily inspirations have also become elements of the script. For the Prologue’s stage design, Tsai hopes to create a realistic yet illusive ambience by using images of steamy glasses such as the ones found in a shower room or a laundry room. Meanwhile, as the story background is set in the future, Tsai is also thinking about how to use non-traditional projection effects to produce 3D imagery.

Kevin Cunningham, international consultant proposed three ways:

  1. Eyeliner (3D holographic projection technology)
  2. Dilad (projection screen for high performance projectors)
  3. LED

Kevin suggests Tsai Pao-chang not to use real steam or water on stage due to evaporation problems. He also mentioned that the steamy effect could be realized with high-resolution projection technology, which allows one to have better control of the steams. Regarding of future stage designs, Cunningham reminded Tsai that the relationship of imagery projection and the entire stage should be taken account of in the use of new media, as well as integrating video design in the future.

AI language system development in “Solo Date”

Questions raised by Tsai Po-chang and Balire Ko:

  1. Is it possible for Siri to answer questions like actors in the current AI language system?
  2. How does machines translate in different languages?
  3. What’s the ultimate goal of Siri’s development?

Response of Joe Polifroni, project mentor:

Machines can only respond to single, factual questions with the current technology and are not able to conduct an extended conversation. The main reason is that researchers cannot analyze how the human brain works and how communications and dialogues are produced. As for the ultimate goal of Siri development, the project mentor thinks that human is constantly seeking for perfection in technology and development; even if the perfection is achieved, humans will hope for a more advanced progress.

Artist & Mentor
Kevin Cunningham
Joe Polifroni
Tsai, Pao-chang
Ko, Blaire
Huang, Yu-han
Stage Designer

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