Future Development for 《Solo Date》
Online Session
Nov, 2015

《Solo Date》is the latest monodrama of Tsai Pao-chang, co-artistic director of Tainaner Ensemble in 2015, he attempts to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), Siri, into theater. In hopes to inspire a different interpretation of the performance through Chinese and Western mentality as well as technical direction in new media, QA Ring has paired Joe Polifroni, AI Speaking language expert, to be the mentor of 《Solo Date》. International consultants Kevin Cunningham and Mikael Fock will also take part in discussions and direction.

In this discussion, the mentors shares their opinions toward the play “Solo Date” with audiences. One of the mentors, spoken dialogue expert Joe Polifroni points that the play made people to think of a lots of things from what it means to be robot or what it means to be human. Also, the author progresses artificial intelligence from low-level (such as Siri) to a higher one (self-conscious one), the variety of interpretation to A.I was provoking. Justine Beaujouen from Mapping festival thinks that the new media has its own character, not an addition to aesthetics. Even though the script writer Po applied A.I as the main axis of the story, she still can sense that it’s a story about humanity, relationship, solitude. Kevin Cunningham from 3LD Art and Technology Centre asserts that it was challenging for an actor to use three different languages in one play. Aside from that, the who presentation has not only intensified the characters, but also the relationship between them. Mikael Fock from The Culture Yard then speaks highly of this work, he especially praises the set design and visual design.

Artist & Mentor
Joe Polifroni
Kevin Cunningham
Mikael Fock
Justine Beaujouan
Tsai, Pao-chang
Ko, Blaire
Huang, Yu-han
Stage Designer

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