Structures and Narratives :
structures of the piece and installation, narratives and the spectators.
Online Session
June 16th, 2014

The second online session of Unbreakable City, joined by both international consultants of QA Ring, Martin Honzik and Mikael Fock, focuses on the structures of the piece and the installations. In this session, the artists demonstrate concrete ideas and materials while more suggestions provided the consultants.

Structures of the piece, structures of the installation –

Luo Wen-jinn brings up 5 chapters of Unbreakable City: <Death-Existence of Destruction>, <Dream-Existence of Bounding>, <Desire-Existence of Delusion>, <Crack-Existence of Concealment>, <Recollection-Existence of Remaining>. With demonstration of stage installation models, Wen-jinn elaborates her concept of the piece. Wang Lien-chen, the new media artist, proposes the essential material – the smart film, which is transparent, switchable and adaptable for mapping projection that will be used for the installation. Martin and Mikael follow on meanings of objects used and the material in terms of financial concerns.

The earthquake –

How to present the earthquake on stage? The consultants give some examples such as sound of low frequency and mapping for brainstorming.

The Narratives –

Further discussion brought by Mikael of what the clear narrative is, or feeling, of the whole piece, and its relations with the book. Wen-jinn explains that the narrative is set within the city itself, as human. Martin proposes the possibility to transform the spectators as part of the narrative as they are in a similar situation as the performers.


Artist & Mentor
Martin Honzik
Mikael Fock
Luo Wen-jinn
Wang Lien-chen

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