Code: Cytus

Code: Cytus is the latest performance creation of Divertimento Media in 2014. It together combines multimedia, music, theatre, interactive installation, exhibitions, dance, and video games, allowing the audience viewers to have an extraordinary viewing experience. A new concept of performance is thus boldly named as: Multimedia X Video Game Live.

Visualizing the abstracts, using dazzling images and sounds coming from all directions towards the audience, Code: Cytus brings the video game and video game music to the palace of art and makes the interaction between the viewer and the work become the participant in the show. This is an experiential performance of technological sense of future.

Using Multimedia Video Music to Elaborate Technology and Human Relations Code: Cytus cooperates with Taiwan’s well-known gameplay company, Rayark Inc. The story is based on the prototype story of the music game Cytus, telling about the issue between human and technology.


In the distant future, human will be able to transfer their memories to an operator. Operator is a robot, which inherits the human memories instead of feelings. The release of Operator allows people to continue their unfulfilled aspirations after they die. Once they file an application to the government, with reasonable grounds, their memories are allowed to be transferred.

Cytus is an assistive system maintaining the behavior of Operator. Being not able to generate feelings, after undertaking the memories, Operator would experience self-contradiction about its humanity within and would ultimately lead to its destruction. Cytus is a huge mainframe which records human feelings. Before transferring the memories, people would record their feelings into Cytus.

Operator may be able to mimic the human’s behavior, but it may not imitate the humanity. Among the complex feelings of humanity, would Operator be able to distinguish them and successfully complete the tasks for the human?

Stimulating Imaginations with Technology As long as the audience goes into the theatre, the DJ, the live musicians and the dancer are seen standing closely to the audience. Stereos and lights stimulatethe senses and induce everyone’s imagination. In the process of the interactive experience, the audience together joins this imaginary performance with his/her own feelings and emotions.


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Aritst & Mentor
Divertimento Media
Began in September, 2010, two main producers, Chiu, Yichun and Zhan, Jiahua , based on the modern creation of art which reflects the trait of pop culture, they hope to cross over the invisible gap made by art. Their creation is aimed to present what is sensed in daily life with music and multimedia as its based elements, building a multiple cross-domains platform. In 2012, Zhan’s interactive installation creation, Soma Mapping II, won the first prize of visual arts in the Seventh France An interactive Lake International Digital Art Festival Enghien-les-Bains (2012) and was held exhibitions in Germany and Korea. In September 2013, Divertimento Media was officially established. It’s first project of multimedia music theatre, OUO!! Mirror, Humanity, Dream, uses music performance integrated with play, multimedia installations, floating projections to create a live video game theatre. The show was presented in the Taipei Fringe Festival and won the Award of Outstanding.
Chen Qiangbin
Project supervisor
CHEN Qiangbin is currently a professor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where he is the dean of the Music Engineering Department .He is the founder and artistic director of Shanghai International Electronic Music Week.Chen is also the Chinese government's top composition’s award winner .He was invited to serve as a jury of the International Compendium – Prix Ars Electronica 2008 in Linz, Austria.
His major works include Hxak (2002) for two violins, two violas and two cellos. Recital for Qiuzi (1995, Wergo Germany) for viola and piano. Line 9(2011) ,for dancer, harp, interactive electronic music and video.
He designed and directed several concerts and the major one is “Feeling and Moving-New Vision E-concert” (2007).
Live Session

Chen Qian-bin、 Divertimento Media
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