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The concept of Second Body comes from the experience of driving cars. If I want to steer the wheel, to brake, to step on the gas, I don’t need to consciously think, yet the car can still go ahead, turn, and park at the correct spot according to my will. Moreover, when I am driving, I know how big my car is when I weave through narrow alleys, and I know where the four wheels are as the car proceeds in its tracks. Maneuvering a car is an experience done almost entirely out of reflex, without the need for the brain to actively think. This reminds me of the way we move our hands and feet, which move naturally without the need for us to think. When we are infants, we learn how to use our own bodies: we learn to stand on our feet, move, and run, and gradually learn to exercise our bodies as we will. We even learn how to use our bodies to the max in certain sports and exercises.In sum, the accumulation of knowledge, concepts and training allows us to use our bodies without conscious thought, making the use of our bodies an extension of the natural, physical body itself. The same happens when learning to drive, so that driving becomes a process achieved without thinking, with the car becoming an extension of the body.

The present work starts from establishing the presence of the body, while learning the structure of the natural body through setting up knowledge of the body itself. In addition, the knowledge of the structure of exercise is used to represent what we know of our own first bodies in the moment. Afterwards, a 360º full body-length projection enters the picture to create a non-natural second body, which creates an experience of movement distinct from the movements of the first body. Do we, during the conversion between these two, produce new knowledge to define our bodies with the change in our viewing perspective? Furthermore, How does the second body replace the definition and existence of the first body in the process?

Aritst & Mentor
Anarchy Dance Theatre
Founded in 2010, Anarchy Dance Theatre uses contemporary dance theatre to express our concerns about people and life, by reproducing through movement the intricate power structures and personal relationships in today’s powerful social structures. Anarchy strives to create a dance training structure of its own, starting from awareness of the body, and reaching out to explore the relationships between time, space, objects and others, with the intention of increasing one’s own sensitivity.

In addition, Anarchy also breaks free from the traditional restraints of theater, producing an entirely new performance space. With the dancers, audience, interactivity, theater and environment as its main elements, Anarchy then calls upon the choreographer’s distinct ways of handling the “relationships” between these elements, to create a dance vocabulary Anarchy calls its own, and which has as its vision the exploration of a expressionistic dance style of our times.
Ultra Combos
Interactive, Video, Sound Design

UltraCombos is an interactive and new media design studio founded in 2010.We are professionals in crossover integration execution services such as all kinds of interactive programs, visual art designs and hardware devices. We provide our clients with various creative proposals, and work them out in accordance with the needs of our clients.In addition, we are more than willing to add more excitements and challenges into each of our new project, for making customized business applications with distinct styles. It is the unswerving ambition and persistence shared by all of the members in UltraCombos.

Our team also participates many local and international art events including Taipei Digital Art Festival, SIGGRAPH US, FILE Electronic Language International Festival Brazil, TSONAMI Festival of Sound in Argentina, TodaysArt festival in Holland, and World Stage Design in UK. UltraCombos is a commercially innovative and artistic energetic interactive and new media design team.

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