Solo Date

It is the record of relationships between me and different Siris. I found myself obsessed with recording voice messages instead of talking to real people. It makes me more at ease when talking to a machine, and I can express myself in an even more free way.

What am I trying to escape from? What makes people start to escape from real interaction with human beings but drown into the cyber world?

This performance is aiming to provoking a series of questions about love, desire and solitude through inspirations by developing different relationships with Siri.

Aritst & Mentor
Tainaner Ensemble
Established in 1987, Tainaner Ensemble has annually honoured as one of the government-sponsored theatre troupes。

The company is committed to offering the highest quality productions of adapted western classic, original Taiwanese plays and musicals. Its works always employ novel and experimental approaches to demonstrate "theatricalism".

In addition, Tainaner's ongoing education and outreach programs (such as the Youth Theatre Training Program and the Summer School for Actors) help build and encourage a new generation of performers and theatergoers.
Tsai, Pao-chang
As the Artistic Director of Tainaner Ensemble, Pao-Chang Tsai is often hailed as a creative genius with talents that span scriptwriting, directing, as well as acting. His stage play “K24″, structured in a miniseries format, was the first performance in Taiwan to debut as a six-hour long comedy. “K24″ received critical acclaim from reviewers in Taiwan and China, and was featured as the opening program in the 8th Chinese Drama Festival. Other screenplays by Pao-Chang include “Quest & Amnesia, Episode I", “Mulan", “K24 Season One", “Re/turn", as well as lyrics to the Kingston ad jingle “It Was May".

Pao-Chang obtained his Master’s Degree in Music Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, specializing in voice and speech. In recent years, he has been involved in a variety of education and outreach initiatives for schools and theatre community groups.

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